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Neđo Đurić ,
Neđo Đurić

Technical Institute Bijeljina, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milan Perisić ,
Milan Perisić

Technical Institute Bijeljina, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dijana Đurić
Dijana Đurić

Technical Institute Bijeljina, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The landslide is located in the hinterland of water source "Studenac" in the local community Gornja Cadjavica near Bijeljina. The field where the triggered landslide occurred is conditionally stable slope. It is overgrown with forest trees and therefore it was not a subject of interest in terms of its stability until the water source and accompanying local road have been constructed in the lower part of the slope. Additionally the slope was undercut resulting in jeopardizing its conditional natural stability. At first, it was about some slight ground movements requiring no significant interventions. As the time was passing by site conditions have been changing. During winter and spring time movement of rock blocks is more intense due to large amount of surface and underground water whereby such a process was significantly slower and almost calm in the summer time. Such a cycle was repeated for several years until late 2010 when massive collapse of the unstable zone, which might be called ‘landslide’, endangered not only the local road but also the water source. For the purposes of overviewing the site and landslide characteristics as a whole, exhaustive researches were carried out within the part of the site affected by sliding at the surface of about 0,4 ha. A field surveying of wider area was also conducted. The landslide is located at relatively steep slope where the height distance between the crown and the toe of the landslide is 14,0 m. General slope angle is up to 100 and in those parts where landslides occur they are up to 250 . Sliding plane has been formed at depth of 2,5 to 4 m depending on terrain morphology, in clay of high plasticity (CH groups). The main cause of landslides is surface and underground water. Within the scope of remediation project two restorative measures were applied. The main recovery measure was placement of AB retaining concrete wall which was intended to accept the pressures of soil mass and to prevent it from slipping, namely to maintain the slope in stable condition. The other remedial measure was construction of an open perimeter canal at the slope above the retaining wall for the purposes of collecting surface water flowing towards the main body of the landslide and its diversion outside the sliding area.


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