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Original scientific paper
UDC: 502.14:628.1.033
DOI: 10.7251/afts.2015.0712.073K
COBISS. RS-ID 4989464



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Regional Landfill Brijesnica is located in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the western part of the municipality of Bijeljina, and began work in 2010, with an approximate area of 4.5 ha. The sanitary cells are built with protective insulating materials - special geomembranes and other materials that guarantee the protection of groundwater. The landfill has a system to collect leachate and biogas collection system. An equalization pool was built to accept leachate with a recirculation system with the return of leachate into the cell. Leachate from the equalization basin is in the monitoring period directly discharged into surface flows (Majevički kanal).
In this study, to determine the state of pollution of surface and groundwater first a hydrogeological analysis of the immediate area of ​​the landfill was done. The analysis of the results of the monitoring of leachate, surface water and groundwater in this dump for a period of four years was done. Monitoring of these waters was made in all four seasons during several hidrological years in order to define a degree of pollution of surface and groundwater. Based on the results of analysis the undeniable impact of leachate from the landfill to the surface was determined but not in groundwater.
Keywords: seepage, surface water and groundwater, the level of pollution


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